You inhabit the city,
You live in Hartje Eindhoven

You inhabit the city. You live in Hartje Eindhoven. This is where it happens. This is where the good things in life come to you. You want to be there. Nearby. That is no problem in Hartje Eindhoven.
There - right next to the Philips Stadium, is the location of a complete new residential district with a wide range of homes: 16 buildings, 501 apartments. Large courtyard gardens. Hartje Eindhoven, a world at the heart of the city. With all of its dynamism and inspiration. Where you return to life, your own place, away from all the hustle and bustle. Hartje Eindhoven, it has everything - from high to low, luxurious and lively. You breathe a world of difference.

You live in Hartje Eindhoven. You inhabit the city. Where you need never be bored. You need never feel alone. Where there is always something to discover. Pleasant pubs. Restaurants that justify the term Brabantian. Different to the rest. Everyone in their own way. Where you can have a quiet drink because you are walking home. The city pampers you. You shop until your feet hurt. In outlets of all the well known chains. In unusal boutiques. Art excites your senses. Galleries and the Van Abbe fight for your attention. Is there nothing on TV? Then cycle to the cinema. You would like to taste everything. Preferrably today. After all, you only live once. This is why you want a home that is near. A home in Hartje Eindhoven.